Everything You'll Need

Our Angular data visualization components allow you to transform data into its most appropriate, concise, and readable visual representation. DevExtreme’s chart, gauge and range selector components can be used together to create informative dashboards that effectively convey business information at a single glance.

Everything You'll Need

30 Chart Types

DevExtreme Angular Chart components will help you deliver sophisticated analytics dashboards, with visualization options for a variety of datasets/information stores. The suite includes everything from bar, line and area series, to advanced polar, bubble or funnel charts. And if your app targets the financial sector, our candle stick chart will help you visualize real-time stock/financial data with ease.

30 Chart Series Types

3 Gauge Types

Our Angular Gauge component library includes three distinct gauge types (circular, radial, and linear). When used in conjunction with DevExtreme Charts, our Angular Gauge component can help you deliver highly refined user experiences for a variety of business scenarios.

3 Gauge Types

Vector Map Component

The DevExtreme Angular Vector Map Component allows you to incorporate interactive mapping capabilities into any Angular-based web app. Our Map component can highlight key map locations via markers. You can customize areas and markers to your own requirements. This component ships with a client API to handle hover, click and selection operations for both areas and markers.

Vector Map Component

Interactive Range Selector Component

Our Angular Range Selector Component allows you to specify a range using either date/time or numeric scales. To simplify use, scale type is auto-generated based (based on your data source). Options include the ability to display major and minor tick marks, display background colors, images, or even a chart. Extended features include the ability to move sliders via a pointing device or by touch. You can also bind the Range Selector to our Chart component to enable zoom/scroll operations.

Interactive JavaScript Range Selector Component

4 Sparkline Types

DevExtreme ships with 4 Angular Sparkline types. You can display a sparkline within a specific page region or inside individual Data Grid cells.

4 Sparkline Types

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