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Contact List Angular Template

Our Contact List View template allows you to incorporate the necessary UI elements for Angular-powered CRM/contact management applications.

UI Components

  • DevExtreme Angular DataGrid – displays contact information (with edit/search support).

  • DevExtreme Angular Toolbar – organizes action controls into a single responsive UI block.

  • DevExtreme Angular Buttons, Menus, Drop-Down Lists – allows users to execute specific actions against contact records.

Usage Scenarios

  • CRUD operations

    • Add a new contact

    • Edit an existing contact (inline editing)

    • Delete contacts

  • View/edit/search/engage contacts

    • Full-text search by individual property (name, phone, email, company, etc.) using the DataGrid’s built-in search box.

    • Filter contact records against any field value using the DataGrid’s built-in header filter.

    • Sort contacts against one or more columns.

    • Apply predefined filters using a custom dropdown in the toolbar.

    • View important details via a side detail view (contact info, recent activity, etc.)

    • Customize column visibility/position/width

    • Export contact list to Excel or PDF

  • Process new leads (unqualified contacts)

    • Assign a manager to selected contacts (self or another individual)

    • Plan the first activity for a contact (call/email/meeting/task)

  • Initiate or plan an activity (call/email/meeting/task)