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DevExtreme jQuery - Handle Events

According to Stack Overflow Trends, MVVM frameworks such as Angular, Vue, and React became more popular than Knockout in recent years. DevExtreme will continue to support Knockout but we recommend that you use one of these frameworks in your new projects.

You can subscribe to an event using a configuration option. All event handling options are given names that begin with on.

var viewModel = {
    menuInstance: {},
    menuOptions: {
        // ...
        onItemClick: function (info) {
            // Handles the "itemClick" event
        onInitialized: function (info) {
            // Saves the widget instance
            viewModel.menuInstance = info.component;    
            // Handles the "initialized" event


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See Also
  • API Reference.WidgetName.Events, for example, API Reference.Menu.Events