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Column and Row Indexes

The following indexes can be used in methods and callback functions:

  • Initial Column Index (or simply Column Index)
    Equals the column's index in the columns array.

  • Visible Column Index
    Depends on the column's current location in the DataGrid and changes dynamically when columns are reordered or data is grouped.

    DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript DataGrid Visible Column Index

    This index is not equal to the index set in the column.visibleIndex option. The latter is used to reorder columns.

  • Row Index
    Equals a row's order among rendered rows. This index starts from 0 and increases by 1 per row (includes group rows).

    DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript DataGrid Row Index

    Rendered rows can be outside the viewport, for example, if scrolling is virtual or infinite or row rendering mode is virtual. To get the row index, use the getRowIndexByKey method or rowIndex field in callback functions like onRowClick, onCellClick, etc.