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View Deprecated

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A markup component used to define markup options for a view.

Included in:, dx.web.js, dx.viz-web.js, dx.all.js


A view is defined by a piece of HTML markup that forms the view template. The view can optionally have JavaScript code and associated style sheets used to customize the look and feel. To define a view's HTML template, add a div element and include the required markup in it. To indicate this markup as a view markup, set the wrapping div's data-options attribute to dxView, and pass the required view markup options.

<div data-options="dxView: { name: 'mainView', title: 'Home' }">
    <div data-options="dxContent: { targetPlaceholder: 'content' }">
        <div data-bind="dxButton: { text: 'Click me', onClick: buttonClicked }"></div>
        <div data-bind="dxMap: { location: 'Brooklyn Bridge,New York,NY', zoom: 10 }"></div>

You can define a view for a specific device only (e.g. iPhone). For this purpose, specify dxView options with the same names as the fields of the device object.

For more information about views, refer to the Views and Layouts help section.


This section describes configuration options used to create a view.

Name Description

Indicates whether to cache the view.


Indicates whether the view should be displayed in a modal mode.


Specifies the name of the view defined by this markup component.


Specifies the target device orientation for this view HTML template.


Specifies whether to display the view in the 'master' or 'detail' pane of the Split layout.


Specifies the title of the current view.