A configuration object specifying scrolling options.



The PivotGrid widget enables an end-user to scroll grid records. To specify required scrolling behavior, use the mode property of the scrolling configuration object.

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Specifies the scrolling mode.



Default Value: 'standard'
Accepted Values: 'standard' | 'virtual'

There are two different scrolling modes.

  • Standard Mode
    In a standard scrolling mode, the grid loads the entire summary data at once. This operation may affect grid performance as the loaded data may contain many summary values.

  • Virtual Mode
    In a virtual scrolling mode, the grid loads a summary value at runtime when it gets into a field of vision. Once a summary cell is out of the field of vision, it is removed from the grid. This behavior allows an end-user to scroll through large amounts of grid records without notable lags.

Use the PivotGridScrollingMode enum to specify this option when the widget is used as an ASP.NET MVC Control. This enum accepts the following values: Standard and Virtual.

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Specifies whether or not the widget uses native scrolling.