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Configures runtime selection.



A user can select rows in a single or multiple mode. In multiple mode, a user can select all rows at once. To disable this feature, assign false to the allowSelectAll.

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Specifies whether a user can select all rows at once.



Default Value: true

If this option is set to true, it allows a user to select all rows at once by pressing Ctrl + A or clicking the check box in the selection column's header. The "Select All" check box also allows a user to deselect all rows. The select all functionality allows selecting/deselecting only those rows that meet filtering conditions if a filter is applied.

If this option is set to false, it disables the select all functionality. In this case, the check box clears selection and is hidden if no rows are selected.


Specifies the selection mode.



Default Value: 'none'
Accepted Values: 'multiple' | 'none' | 'single'

The following selection modes are available in the widget:

  • Single
    Only one row can be in the selected state at a time.

  • Multiple
    Several rows can be in the selected state at a time.

Use the SelectionMode enum to specify this option when the widget is used as an ASP.NET MVC Control. This enum accepts the following values: None, Single, and Multiple.


Specifies whether selection is recursive.



Default Value: false

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