Handle Events

AngularJS is now in Long Term Support. You can continue to use it in existing projects but we recommend Angular, Vue, React, or another framework for new projects.

You can use a configuration option to subscribe to an event. All event handling options' names begin with on.

<div dx-menu="{
    onItemClick: itemClickHandler,
    onInitializedHandler: initializedHandler
function Controller ($scope) {
    $scope.itemClickHandler = function (info) {
        // Handles the "itemClick" event
    $scope.menuInstance = {};
    $scope.initializedHandler = function (info) {
        // Saves the widget instance
        $scope.menuInstance = info.component;   
        // Handles the "initialized" event

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See Also
  • API Reference.WidgetName.Events, for example, API Reference.Menu.Events