Smart Form Layout for Your JavaScript Apps

DevExtreme JavaScript Form is designed to present and edit data stored in an object. This component allows you to bind each layout item to a specific data field or create a new data object based upon form field values. More 20 editors are available to manage your data. Of course, you can supply your own custom editors for certain data fields.

Smart Form Layout for Your JavaScript Apps

Auto-Generated Form Layout

To save your time in simple cases our JavaScript Form component can generate a form layout at runtime without any additional configuration. It scans the data object provided to create editors and their labels accordingly.

Auto-Generated Form Layout

Data Validation Inside

JavaScript Form is integrated with DevExtreme built-in validation mechanism and can seemlessly accept validation rules and display validation messages to a user. If you’d like, you can use native JavaScript validation techniques instead.

Data Validation Inside

Field Grouping

The JavaScript Form component allows you to organize items in logical groups. It can be regular groups with individual headers or tabbed groups represented as tab pages. In complex forms you can nest groups as you need.

Field Grouping

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