DevExtreme JavaScript Form Layout


Multiple Item Types

The DevExtreme JavaScript Form component is designed to present and edit data stored in an object. This component allows you to bind each layout item to a specific data field or generate a new data object based upon form field values. The primary elements which comprise the component are labels, empty items, labeled groups and tabbed items. dxForm can auto-generate labels and 4 types of editors automatically from data. You can initialize 9 additional editor types within dxForm.

A Customizable Layout

Because the DevExtreme JavaScript Form component adapts layout elements based on window size, it’s optimized for use on both mobile devices and on desktops (A single-column layout is generally used for mobile. One or more columns used for desktops).


The dxForm provides validation rules at the editor level and displays customizable text markswithin item captions to indicate required/optional fields.