Calendar Views

Our JavaScript Scheduler component ships with everything you'll need to create stunning task/event management web applications in the shortest possible time. Incorporate the control’s built-in Day, Work Week, Full Week and Month views into your next great web app and empower users to manage appointments/tasks/events within a UX designed to amaze.

Calendar Views

Timeline Views

DevExtreme JavaScript Scheduler also ships with powerful Timeline Views so your app can arrange events and appointments across an easy-to-read horizontal timeline. Thanks to its flexible design, Timeline Views allow you to display multiple panes associated with different resources or event groups.

Timeline Views

Agenda View

DevExtreme JavaScript Scheduler has been optimized for a variety of usage scenarios. Leverage the capabilities of our Agenda View and display a compact representation of daily tasks and events. The Agenda View displays a chronological list of daily appointments/events. Agenda view is the best UI choice for those targeting mobile devices.

Agenda View

Appointment & Event Management

The Appointment Edit Form is ready to use without writing a single line of code and can be fully customized and extended when necessary. Thanks to intuitive UI elements and a comprehensive API set, your JavaScript app can automatically manage recurring event chains with flexible recurrency rules.

Appointment & Event Management

Resource & Event Grouping

JavaScript Schedule Resources allow end-users to browse multiple calendars (for any entity such as an individual or office location, etc.) simultaneously. Once resources are specified, the scheduler will display multiple parallel timelines. Events/appointments can also be grouped by date using a vertical or horizontal orientation just like by resources.

Resource & Event Grouping

Drag and Drop From Anywhere

In addition to the standard Drag and Drop editing capabilities, our JavaScript Scheduler can accept appointments dropped from outside the control itself. When constructing workflows, end-users can schedule tasks represented as standalone lists.

Drag and Drop From Outside

Globalization & Time Zone Support

With DevExtreme JavaScript Scheduler you can deliver time-zone agnostic web solutions. With built-in or custom UI translations and time zone support, users will never miss a meeting regardless of their location around the globe. Our JavaScript Scheduler allows users to specify the appropriate time zone when they generate an appointment/event.

Globalization & Time Zone Support

Fully Customizable

With DevExtreme Scheduler, you are never limited by default behaviors or appearances. We’ve designed our Scheduler's API set allows you to customize the control to efficiently address your business requirements. Specify your custom UI templates to alter the default markup rendering or use our powerful ThemeBuilder tool to create custom color themes including light/dark modes.

Fully Customizable

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