DevExtreme JavaScript Scheduler

Manage Events, Schedules and Appointments with Absolute Ease

Multiple Calendar View Options

The DevExtreme JavaScript Scheduling component ships with four pre-built views (Day, Week, Work Week and Month). Your users can quickly switch between each view via the integrated calendar view selector.

Built-in Resource Grouping

You can easily specify resources for each event and display appointments using the client-side component’s built-in grouping option.

Recurring Appointments

Our JavaScript Scheduler component allows you to create recurring appointments without additional configuration. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurring patterns are fully supported.

Appointment Editing

Comprehensive appointment editing functionality ships inside the JavaScript Scheduler. You can drag & drop/resize appointments within the Scheduler’s timetableor invoke the appointment detail view to modify appointment details like start and end dates, subject, etc.

Date Navigator

The built-in Date Navigator is an intuitive and easy-to-use date selector and is fully integrated with the JavaScript Scheduler.