From in-memory arrays to JSON, OData or Web API service — the DevExtreme Tree List UI component can consume data from any information source. The flexibility of our JavaScript Tree List component is such that you do not need to feed it hierarchical data structures. Even with a collection of linked plain objects, our JavaScript Tree List component can still construct a tree hierarchy.


Adaptability Inside

The DevExtreme JavaScript Tree List UI component was engineered with mobile devices in mind. With it, you can deliver high-impact user experiences that adapt to different screen resolutions — from desktops and tablets, to smartphones.

Adaptability Inside

Data Editing and Record Validation

Five intuitive edit modes and a variety of in-cell editors make data editing simple and straightforward. All our JavaScript Tree List editors include built-in client-side validation with a predefined set of validation rules including email, numeric, range, compare, custom, etc.

Data Editing and Record Validation

Record Selection

Our JavaScript Tree List component includes two built-in record selection options. From single and multi-select modes to full support for recursive selection, we’ve engineered our Tree List so you can deliver the most intuitive user experience to your end-users without hassles or aggravation.

Record Selection

Filtering and Record Searching

The DevExtreme JavaScript Tree List component ships with two distinct filter UI elements: an Excel-inspired filter row and column header filter. In addition, an Outlook-inspired search panel makes it a breeze to locate records that match a specific search value.

Filtering and Searching

Record Scrolling

Big data requires blazing fast record scrolling. To ensure the very best user experience, our JavaScript Tree List ships with a virtual scroll mode designed to load only those records needed for the viewport. This option ensures that your DevExtreme-powered JavaScript apps are always fast, always responsive.


Column and Layout Customization

Our JavaScript Tree List ships with fixed column support so you can improve data readability and address a variety of usage scenarios with ease. We also ship numerous runtime layout options including the ability to resize, reorder, hide and display individual JavaScript Tree List columns as requirements dictate.

Column and Layout Customization

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