Last updated: 11-OCTOBER-2019

The information contained within this Roadmap details our current/projected development plans. Please note that this information is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and does not represent a binding commitment on the part of Developer Express Inc. This roadmap and the features/products listed within it are subject to change. You should not rely or use this information to help make a purchase decision about Developer Express Inc products.

DataGrid & TreeList

Record Reordering

We’ll give you the ability to reorder DataGrid rows and change TreeList parent-child node relationships via drag-and-drop.

Cross-Component Drag-and-Drop

Some business scenarios require that users move items from one collection to another or from one hierarchy to another. We hope to support cross-component item drag-and-drop operations.

TreeList - Remote Data Paging

At present, if you expand a node, the TreeList loads all child nodes and then paginates them locally. We want to give you the option to load nodes individually. This feature will work with both the pager control and through virtual scrolling - just like our DataGrid.

HTML/Markdown Editor

Multiline Toolbar

At present, Toolbar items are hidden within a dropdown menu on small screens. If the number of items is large (as it is in the HtmlEditor) the menu gets too long and becomes difficult to use. We’ll introduce one more adaptive mode that will create a second horizontal line of toolbar items instead of creating a dropdown menu.

Upload Images via Drag-and-Drop & Copy/Paste

You will be able to embed images as base64-formatted content or upload it to a web server via drag-and-drop or copy-paste actions and reference it as a URL.

Upload images | DevExpress

Tables Support

We’ll give you the ability to insert and edit data tables.

Inline Formatting Toolbar

You’ll be able to reveal an inline formatting toolbar when selecting content that requires formatting.

Data Form

Dynamic Updates without a Full Re-render

We recently added partial update support to several DevExtreme widgets. This update can also be applied to the Form widget (for those who dynamically update forms and do not want to initiate a full form re-render).


Node Reordering

Change parent-child relationships of TreeView nodes via drag-and-drop.

Cross-Component Nodes Drag-and-Drop

Move a node from one hierarchy to another using drag-and-drop.

New Drag-and-Drop Utilities

We want to create a drag-and-drop utilities library so you can construct custom drag-and-drop functionality outside of our UI widgets. One such usage scenario involves list sorting. We’ll make it extremely easy to implement such functionality.

New Kanban Board Widget

Kanban Board has become an essential control for task and project management in modern business web applications.

Data Visualization

Zooming in Polar Chart

Enable zoom for the Polar Chart.

Legend Enhancements

We are considering the following legend features:

  • custom item bullets;

Other Chart/Gauge Enhancements

Data Export

Export to Excel Customization Enhancements

  • multi-sheet export;
    Export grids into separate worksheets | DevExpress
  • export summaries as functions;
  • images export.

Data Validation

Asynchronous Validation

When a user submits a data form, you may need to execute asynchronous remote validation. For instance, you may want to check whether a user already exists in the database during registration. We’ll provide a straight-forward API for such usage scenarios.

Performance Enhancements

Virtual Scrolling and Lazy Loading Everywhere

The vast majority of DevExtreme users work with large datasets (from thousands to millions of records). These datasets are rendered as lists within our controls. Our DataGrid supports virtual scrolling with lazy data loading. We’d like to make this feature available everywhere. This feature can be applied to the following list of widgets:

  • TreeView
  • Scheduler
  • Lists
  • DropDowns & Lookups
  • Header filters in DataGrid, TreeList, PivotGrid
  • Column choosers in DataGrid, TreeList, PivotGrid

Improved Code Splitting: JS

The popular Code Splitting technique helps web developers improve app performance. To help maximize the benefits associated with Code Splitting, we hope to organize DevExtreme into smaller/functionality specific modules (for instance, we want to give you the option to use a read-only Data Grid without bundling any of its data editing features).

Improved Code Splitting: CSS

You’ll be able to bundle only those styles/features being used in your app.


Angular Ivy Support

We plan to support the new Angular's compilation and rendering pipeline.

CRUD Forms Generation in Visual Studio Scaffolder

We recently introduced the scaffolding necessary to enable editing for CRUD list views (based on our DataGrid and TreeList controls). If you need to edit data objects with numerous properties, you may want to use a separate data Form instead of inline editing within the list view. We will extend the capabilities of our design time tools with a new Data Form Scaffolder.

Native React Grid

Inline Cell Editing

Improve cell editing by placing a cell into edit mode when clicked (without the need to press the edit button in the edit column). Changes can be committed when the cell loses focus or via an explicit action (such as a ‘save’ button click).

Export to Excel

Export the contents of the DevExtreme React Grid to Excel (including options to configure formatting).

Scroll to Row

Programmatically scroll to a specified row when using virtual scroll mode.

List View (adaptive mode)

Render/display records as a traditional list with a custom, responsive layout (for improved usability on mobile devices).

Native React Scheduler

Resources & Grouping

Assign resources to appointments and visualize appointments grouped by resources.


This popular scheduler view is a long scrollable time range divided by smaller time intervals. You can find some examples here.

Native React Chart

Transitions on Update

When a chart data source is updated, a transition can be applied to the chart. This makes it more attractive and improves user experience.

Point Aggregation

Point aggregation allows you to visualize more data within a smaller range. You’ll be able to apply different aggregate functions such as count, min, max, and average.


The crosshair pointer allows a user to determine the argument and the value of a specific point more precisely.

Range Bar Series

This type of series visualizes a value range with a single argument. Data is displayed as sets of rectangular bars beginning at a specified start value and ending at a specified end value.

Range Area Series

Range area series can be used to display value ranges corresponding to specified arguments. Data is displayed as a colored region between the line that joins the beginning and the line that joins the end series points.