Last updated: 14-NOVEMBER-2018

Right now, we are considering features to implement in 2019 releases. The list below is not final and will be updated soon.

Layout Templates

Responsive Application Layout Templates for React and Vue

We’ll ship ready-to-use application layout templates based upon DevExtreme responsive components. These templates will address the needs of LOB application developers.

Responsive Application Layout Templates | DevExpress


Data Export

In our first major release of 2019, we will give you the ability to export the contents of your TreeList control (export all or selected records) to XLSX files.

TreeList - Data Export | DevExpress

Pivot Grid

Remote Paging

We will extend the PivotGrid’s data layer so it can request only the data it needs for display within a page. This will improve performance for complex usage scenarios (lots of aggregated data).


Improved Recurrence Editor

We will extend the capabilities of our Recurrence Editor so that it can be customized and able to edit recurrence exceptions.


Theme Customization

We will update our Charting library so you can customize its appearance via the DevExtreme Theme Builder.

UI Widgets

Data Export Performance Improvements

We will refactor code so as to improve performance when exporting a large amount of data.


CLI Tools for Creating DevExtreme Applications

With v19.1 release, we will update the npm package `devextreme-cli` with a set of command-line tools for bootstraping a new DevExtreme React/Vue application.