Angular DataGrid - selection

Configures runtime selection.

Selector: dxo-selection


A user can select rows in a single or multiple mode. In multiple mode, a user can select all rows at once. To disable this feature, assign false to the allowSelectAll.

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By default, once a user selects a row, the data source is instantly notified about it. This may lower the UI component performance if the data source is remote and the user is allowed to select all rows at once. In this case, we recommend making the selection deferred.

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Allows users to simultaneously select all or current page rows (depending on the selectAllMode).



Default Value: true

To select rows, a user should press Ctrl + A or click the Select All check box in the selection column's header. This check box can also be used to deselect all rows. If a filter is applied, the Select All functionality affects all rows that meet filtering conditions.

If false, this property disables the Select All functionality. In this case, the check box clears selection and is hidden if no rows are selected.

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Makes selection deferred.



Default Value: false

Consider making selection deferred if the UI component needs to operate a large volume of data and the user is allowed to select all rows at once. Unlike usual (or "instant") selection, in the case of deferred selection, the UI component requests data only when you demand this using the API, for example, when the getSelectedRowsData() or getSelectedRowKeys() method is called. This mode has certain specifics that determine the API you need to use. For more information, see the Deferred Selection article.

Deferred selection is unsupported when selectAllMode is "page".

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Specifies the selection mode.

Default Value: 'none'

The following selection modes are available in the UI component:

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Specifies the mode in which all the records are selected. Applies only if selection.allowSelectAll is true.

Default Value: 'allPages'

selectAllMode specifies how records should be selected on clicking the "Select All" check box and by calling the selectAll()/deselectAll() methods. The following modes are available.

  • "page"
    Selects records on currently rendered pages.

    This mode is incompatible with deferred selection.
  • "allPages"
    Selects records on all pages.

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Specifies when to display the selection column and row selection checkboxes. Applies only if selection.mode is "multiple".

Default Value: 'onClick', 'always' (Fluent, Material)

The possible values are:

  • "onClick" The selection column is always shown. Checkboxes appear once a user clicks in the column or if two or more rows are selected programmatically or using keyboard shortcuts. Checkboxes disappear once row selection is canceled.

  • "onLongTap" The selection column with all the checkboxes appears and disappears on long tap (click and hold).

  • "always" The selection column with all the checkboxes is always visible. A user can select a row by clicking the checkbox or its grid cell, but not the row itself.

  • "none"
    The selection column with all the checkboxes is hidden. Users can select rows with keyboard shortcuts or long tap (click and hold).

Keyboard shortcuts work identically regardless of the chosen mode.

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