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JavaScript Chart, Gauge and Range Controls

Data Visualization
From next-gen websites, to those targeting mobile devices, DevExtreme ships with a fully integrated collection of high-performance data visualization components for all your business intelligence needs.

Everything You'll Need

DevExtreme data visualization components allow you to transform data to its most appropriate, concise, and readable visual representation. All chart, gauge and range selector components can be composed into beautiful, informative dashboards that effectively convey information at a single glance. And as you might expect, the components that ship as part of DevExtreme Web Edition can easily be themed and styled to address any UI requirement.

30 Chart Series Types


Combine different series types and display them across different panes within the same display.

Pie Chart

Compare percentage values of different point arguments in a series.

Polar Chart

Use to compare different characteristics or display values across cyclically repeating arguments.

3 Gauge Types


Allows you to display a value and multiple sub-values within either an open-ended or closed circular gauge.


Displays a specified value and sub-values within a linear gauge. Can be oriented horizontally and vertically.


Displays multiple values as a set of bars. Each bar is accompanied by a label displaying the indicated value.

Interactive JavaScript Range Selector Component

The Range Selector Component allows you to specify a range using either date/time or numeric scales. To simplify its use, scale type is auto-generated based on your data source. Options include the ability to display major and minor tick marks, display background colors, images or even a chart. Extended end-user interactions include ability to move sliders by mouse or touch and to bind the Range Selector to a chart for scrolling and zooming operations.

4 Sparkline Types

A Sparkline is a compact single series chart and allows you to present information in the form of lines, bars and areas within confined regions of your site or individual data grid cells.
Standard Sparklines
Area Sparklines
Bar Sparklines
Win-Loss Sparklines