jQuery Plugins

Obtain a DOM element using jQuery selectors and initialize our Data Grid, Scheduler, Chart, Pivot Grid, or any other DevExtreme UI Widget using the jQuery plugin methodology. The plugins accept objects with component options and support chaining.

Getting Started

A Familiar Approach

You can call methods, handle events, and change options using a familiar development approach. DevExtreme’s jQuery implementation allows you to operate jQuery elements, events, promises and the jQuery Deferred object when using a DevExtreme widget.


Customizable Appearance

You can customize the appearance of DevExtreme widgets as needed. Use jQuery templates or Underscore, Mustache, Hogan, JsRender, or any other template engine.


Over 200 Technical Demos

Hit the ground running with dozens of examples that illustrate use of DevExtreme jQuery Widgets.

DevExtreme jQuery Widgets Demos
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Content Delivery Network

You can load both jQuery and DevExtreme from a CDN and ensure that all libraries are always available in the browser’s cache.