Blazing-Fast Data Processing

The DevExtreme Data Grid is built for speed and ready to tackle your toughest business challenge. With integrated server-side support for data filtering, paging, sorting, record grouping, and summary computations extremely large datasets are never an issue for the DevExtreme Data Grid.

Blazing-Fast Data Processing

Flexible Data-Binding

Our jQuery Data Grid can use local arrays, JSON files, WebAPI and OData services. In addition, custom remote services can be used as a remote data source with just a few lines of client-side code.

Flexible Data-Binding

Adaptability Inside

The DevExtreme Data Grid was engineered with mobile devices in mind. With it, you can deliver high-impact user experiences that adapt to different screen resolutions — from desktops, to tablets and smartphones.

Adaptability Inside

Master-Detail Made Easy

With our jQuery Data Grid, you can build and display master-detail layouts of any complexity. And with a feature-complete API, you can implement your own UI logic whenever necessary and deliver user experiences that amaze.

Master-Detail Made Easy

Powerful Data Shaping and Record Grouping Options

Our Data Grid can sort and group data against multiple columns and present information in its most and readable format. The Group Panel ships with a series of customization options so that end-users can manage display options as needs dictate.

Powerful Data Shaping and Record Grouping Options

Integrated Filtering and Search Panel

Whether you choose to leverage its built in Excel-inspired filtering UI or prefer to use its API to create custom search options, the DevExtreme jQuery Data Grid offers multiple data filtering options to address any business need, anytime.

Integrated Filtering and Search Panel

Built-in Data Editing and Validation

Four in-cell data editors and intuitive data edit modes make use of the grid easy and straightforward. Data modification can be initiated in five edit modes: row, batch, cell, form, and popup. All editors include built-in client-side validation with a predefined set of validation rules including email, numeric, range, compare, custom, etc.

Built-in Data Editing and Validation

Intuitive Record Selection

Our Data Grid includes a rich set of record selection options. From single to multi-select modes, we’ve engineered it so you can deliver the most intuitive user experience to your end-users.

Intuitive Record Selection

Column and Layout Customization

Our Data Grid ships with fixed column support so you can improve data readability. In addition, we ship countless runtime layout options including the ability to resize, reorder, hide and display individual grid columns.

Column and Layout Customization

Data Summaries

The DevExtreme jQuery Data Grid allows you to use aggregate functions and display summarized information for rows and columns via both standard or custom display format options. Built-in aggregate functions include Sum, Count, Average, Min and Max.

Data Summaries

Comprehensive Data Export Options

The DevExtreme jQuery Data Grid allows you to export its contents to an Excel file with ease. You can export all rows or only those selected within the Grid. Our export engine retains data types during all export operations — numbers remain numbers, dates remain dates. This eliminates any unnecessary data transformations and ensures a seamless cross-app user experience.

Comprehensive Data Export Options

Optimized for Touch-First User Experiences

From desktops to mobile devices, DevExtreme jQuery Data Grid delivers the flexibility you’ll need to build apps that reach the widest audience and deliver touch-first user experience to power your next great interactive website.

Optimized for Touch-First User Experiences

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