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DevExtreme Vue Charts is a collection of 30+ feature-rich UI components for data visualization. This collection includes bars, areas, lines, bubbles, pie, funnels, sparklines, treemaps, and many other chart types. You can use Vue syntax and techniques to instantiate and configure the charts or handle their events. In addition, the components support prop validation. Find out more about DevExtreme Vue components.

DevExtreme Accessibility Compliance
DevExtreme component libraries meet a variety of WCAG and Section 508 compliance standards. To assess this demo’s accessibility level, click the Run AXE® Validation button to launch the AXE® web accessibility evaluation tool.
All trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. AXE® Terms of Use
The overall accessibility level of your application depends on the Charts features used.
Backend API
<template> <DxChart id="chart" :data-source="dataSource" palette="Harmony Light" title="Pizza Shop Complaints" > <DxCommonSeriesSettings argument-field="complaint"/> <DxSeries name="Complaint frequency" value-field="count" axis="frequency" type="bar" color="#fac29a" /> <DxSeries name="Cumulative percentage" value-field="cumulativePercentage" axis="percentage" type="spline" color="#6b71c3" /> <DxArgumentAxis> <DxLabel overlapping-behavior="stagger"/> </DxArgumentAxis> <DxValueAxis :tick-interval="300" name="frequency" position="left" /> <DxValueAxis :tick-interval="20" :show-zero="true" :value-margins-enabled="false" name="percentage" position="right" > <DxLabel :customize-text="customizePercentageText"/> <DxConstantLine :value="80" :width="2" color="#fc3535" dash-style="dash" > <DxLabel :visible="false"/> </DxConstantLine> </DxValueAxis> <DxTooltip :enabled="true" :shared="true" :customize-tooltip="customizeTooltip" /> <DxLegend vertical-alignment="top" horizontal-alignment="center" /> </DxChart> </template> <script setup lang="ts"> import DxChart, { DxArgumentAxis, DxCommonSeriesSettings, DxLabel, DxLegend, DxSeries, DxTooltip, DxValueAxis, DxConstantLine, } from 'devextreme-vue/chart'; import { complaintsData } from './data.ts'; function customizeTooltip(pointInfo) { return { html: `<div><div class='tooltip-header'>${ pointInfo.argumentText }</div><div class='tooltip-body'><div class='series-name'><span class='top-series-name'>${ pointInfo.points[0].seriesName }</span>: </div><div class='value-text'><span class='top-series-value'>${ pointInfo.points[0].valueText }</span></div><div class='series-name'><span class='bottom-series-name'>${ pointInfo.points[1].seriesName }</span>: </div><div class='value-text'><span class='bottom-series-value'>${ pointInfo.points[1].valueText }</span>% </div></div></div>`, }; } const customizePercentageText = ({ valueText }) => `${valueText}%`; const data = complaintsData.sort((a, b) => b.count - a.count); const totalCount = data.reduce((prevValue, item) => prevValue + item.count, 0); let cumulativeCount = 0; const dataSource = => { cumulativeCount += item.count; return { complaint: item.complaint, count: item.count, cumulativePercentage: Math.round((cumulativeCount * 100) / totalCount), }; }); </script> <style> #chart { height: 440px; } .tooltip-header { margin-bottom: 5px; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 500; padding-bottom: 5px; border-bottom: 1px solid #c5c5c5; } .tooltip-body { width: 170px; } .tooltip-body .series-name { font-weight: normal; opacity: 0.6; display: inline-block; line-height: 1.5; padding-right: 10px; width: 126px; } .tooltip-body .value-text { display: inline-block; line-height: 1.5; width: 30px; } </style>
window.exports = window.exports || {}; window.config = { transpiler: 'plugin-babel', meta: { '*.vue': { loader: 'vue-loader', }, '*.ts': { loader: 'demo-ts-loader', }, '*.svg': { loader: 'svg-loader', }, 'devextreme/time_zone_utils.js': { 'esModule': true, }, 'devextreme/localization.js': { 'esModule': true, }, 'devextreme/viz/palette.js': { 'esModule': true, }, }, paths: { 'root:': '../../../../', 'npm:': '', }, map: { 'vue': 'npm:vue@3.2.47/dist/vue.esm-browser.js', 'vue-loader': 'npm:dx-systemjs-vue-browser@1.1.1/index.js', 'demo-ts-loader': 'root:utils/demo-ts-loader.js', 'svg-loader': 'root:utils/svg-loader.js', 'mitt': 'npm:mitt/dist/mitt.umd.js', 'rrule': 'npm:rrule@2.6.4/dist/es5/rrule.js', 'luxon': 'npm:luxon@1.28.1/build/global/luxon.min.js', 'es6-object-assign': 'npm:es6-object-assign@1.1.0', 'devextreme': 'npm:devextreme@24.1.4/cjs', 'devextreme-vue': 'npm:devextreme-vue@24.1.4/cjs', 'jszip': 'npm:jszip@3.10.1/dist/jszip.min.js', 'devextreme-quill': 'npm:devextreme-quill@1.7.1/dist/dx-quill.min.js', 'devexpress-diagram': 'npm:devexpress-diagram@2.2.10/dist/dx-diagram.js', 'devexpress-gantt': 'npm:devexpress-gantt@4.1.56/dist/dx-gantt.js', '@devextreme/runtime': 'npm:@devextreme/runtime@3.0.13', 'inferno': 'npm:inferno@7.4.11/dist/inferno.min.js', 'inferno-compat': 'npm:inferno-compat/dist/inferno-compat.min.js', 'inferno-create-element': 'npm:inferno-create-element@7.4.11/dist/inferno-create-element.min.js', 'inferno-dom': 'npm:inferno-dom/dist/inferno-dom.min.js', 'inferno-hydrate': 'npm:inferno-hydrate@7.4.11/dist/inferno-hydrate.min.js', 'inferno-clone-vnode': 'npm:inferno-clone-vnode/dist/inferno-clone-vnode.min.js', 'inferno-create-class': 'npm:inferno-create-class/dist/inferno-create-class.min.js', 'inferno-extras': 'npm:inferno-extras/dist/inferno-extras.min.js', 'plugin-babel': 'npm:systemjs-plugin-babel@0.0.25/plugin-babel.js', 'systemjs-babel-build': 'npm:systemjs-plugin-babel@0.0.25/systemjs-babel-browser.js', // Prettier 'prettier/standalone': 'npm:prettier@2.8.8/standalone.js', 'prettier/parser-html': 'npm:prettier@2.8.8/parser-html.js', }, packages: { 'devextreme-vue': { main: 'index.js', }, 'devextreme': { defaultExtension: 'js', }, 'devextreme/events/utils': { main: 'index', }, 'devextreme/events': { main: 'index', }, 'es6-object-assign': { main: './index.js', defaultExtension: 'js', }, }, packageConfigPaths: [ 'npm:@devextreme/*/package.json', 'npm:@devextreme/runtime@3.0.13/inferno/package.json', ], babelOptions: { sourceMaps: false, stage0: true, }, }; System.config(window.config);
export const complaintsData = [ { complaint: 'Cold pizza', count: 780 }, { complaint: 'Not enough cheese', count: 120 }, { complaint: 'Underbaked or Overbaked', count: 52 }, { complaint: 'Delayed delivery', count: 1123 }, { complaint: 'Damaged pizza', count: 321 }, { complaint: 'Incorrect billing', count: 89 }, { complaint: 'Wrong size delivered', count: 222 }, ];
import { createApp } from 'vue'; import App from './App.vue'; createApp(App).mount('#app');
<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <title>DevExtreme Demo</title> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=5.0" /> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" /> <script src=""></script> <script type="module"> import * as vueCompilerSFC from ""; window.vueCompilerSFC = vueCompilerSFC; </script> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="config.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> System.import("./index.ts"); </script> </head> <body class="dx-viewport"> <div class="demo-container"> <div id="app"> </div> </div> </body> </html>

Use our DevExpress BI Dashboard to embed interactive business intelligence into your next web app.

The Web Dashboard is a data analysis UI component that you can embed into your ASP.NET Core or Angular, React, and Vue applications with .NET backend. Dashboards allow you to display multiple inter-connected data analysis elements such as grids, charts, maps, gauges, and others: all within an automatically-arranged layout.

The set of components allows you to deploy an all-in-one solution and switch between Viewer and Designer modes directly on the web client (includes adaptive layouts for tablet & mobile).

The Web Dashboard is available as a part of a Universal subscription.

Get Started with DevExpress BI Dashboard | Explore Demos