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Contact Form Vue Template

Our Vue Contact Detail View template helps you bootstrap UI layouts for Vue-powered CRM/contact management applications. The layout includes a contact details section and a tab panel to manage related entities, such as tasks, activities, opportunities, notes, and messages.

UI Components

  • DevExtreme Vue Form – displays contact properties as label/value pairs.

  • DevExtreme Vue Toolbar – organizes action controls into a single responsive UI block.

  • DevExtreme Vue Buttons, Menus, Drop-Down Lists – allows users to execute specific actions against contact records and its related entities.

  • DevExtreme Vue Tab Panel – Allows you to change subviews. Each subview manages a specific/related collection (tasks, notes, messages, etc.).

Usage Scenarios

  • CRUD operations

    • View contact properties

    • Edit contact properties

    • Delete the contact

  • Manage tasks related to the contact

  • Plan and view activities related to the contact

  • View and manage opportunities associated with the contact

  • Add/view notes (including file attachments)

  • Exchange messages with a contact