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Enterprise-Ready React UI

Performance at its Best

Virtual Scrolling and Lazy Loading for Extremely Large Datasets

Our React UI Components were built to address the performance requirements of today’s most demanding web applications. Whether using DevExtreme React UI widgets locally or remotely, our products load large datasets with ease and allow you to deliver blazing fast apps in the shortest possible time frame.

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Real-Time Data and Push Update Support

Real time UI updates are essential to many Line-of-Business web apps (from financial and IoT visualization, to collaborative editing). Our React UI components and their underlying data layer were designed to process thousands of updates per second — be they from WebSockets or via other means.

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ASP.NET Core, NodeJS and PHP Server-Side Extensions

As you know, ‘smart’ and highly-tuned client-server communications are mandatory for efficient app performance. That’s why we developed a unique and straightforward remote communication protocol. Our React UI Library (with server-side data extensions) can now load and shape remote data at blistering speeds.

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Maintain Quality at Large Scales

Controlled State for Redux Integration

Redux state management is an invaluable tool in the React developer’s tool chest. As such, we’ve made it possible to expose key portions of our component’s state and delegate its management to the Redux store.

Type Checking with React PropTypes

Not a big fan of TypeScript? You can still benefit from run-time type-checking with React’s PropTypes validation system. Each DevExtreme React component ships with comprehensive PropTypes declarations.

Full TypeScript Support

Compiled from TypeScript, DevExtreme React Components leverage the power of TypeScript, including IntelliSense and compile-time type checking support. TypeScript support makes our React UI Library the perfect choice for large-scale projects and enterprise-wide solutions.

Localization & Globalization

We’ve made it easy for you to localize web apps powered by our React UI Components. With DevExtreme, you can translate strings, enable local number support, apply the appropriate date and currency formatting as needed. Use Intl, Globalize or another internalization library of your choice.


Data-centric applications must be optimized for efficient data entry. We are committed to this critical business requirement and believe that keyboard navigation support is crucial for performance, usability and pixel-perfect UI appearance. Our React UI Components are Section 508 compliant and we plan to fully support the WCAG 2.1 specification in the near future.

LOB-Oriented React Components

Pixel-Perfect Design

Elegant Bootstrap-Compliant Themes

DevExtreme Bootstrap-inspired Generic themes are the perfect choice for Line-of-Business web applications.

Material Design Themes

DevExtreme Material Design themes mirror Google’s original Material Design guidelines.

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Theme Customization Made Easy

Our ThemeBuilder suite allows you to customize the appearance of your React app and promote your organization’s brand identity with absolute ease.

Web Tool CLI Tool

Simplicity & Flexibility

Uncontrolled & Controlled State

With our React UI components, you need not worry about state management and can instead invest energy on what matters most — your business logic.

UI Customization via Template Components

You can replace key portions of our React UI components with your own custom React components. This architectural flexibility allows you to create highly customized UI solutions to meet and exceed end-user expectations.

Declarative Configuration via Child Components

To address a broad range of use-case scenarios, our React UI components ship with dozens of configuration options. We include several configuration components within our distribution — including a Column child component to declare a DataGrid column. These configuration components are designed to simplify the customization process.

Hit the Ground Running

350+ Online Demo

We’ve made it easy for you to master our React UI product line. Explore our demo gallery and learn how to build your best, without limits or compromise.

CLI Tools & Application Templates

We’ve made it easy to create a DevExtreme-powered React application from scratch. Use our CLI Tools and select one of our predefined templates for your next high-impact web app.

Transparent Development & Open Communications

We believe that trust cannot exist without openness and active community engagement. The DevExtreme npm package has been downloaded more than 4,5M times in the last year — Join us on GitHub and tell us how we can help you reach your business objectives.

Industry Leading Support

Per Olsson

Coming from WinForms, developing in DevExtreme meant a steep learning curve for us with a completly new technology. The fast and excellent help we got from your supportcenter was not limited to the DevExtreme components only, but also helped us with questions in a wider perspective.

Lars Ugleberg CEO and Founder, Applied Factors

I have used DevExpress WPF in the past, and always been impressed with their support and the richness of their offer. Now, as I am venturing into developing my first web application, I first looked at a competitor because they provide a free license. But I gave up because their documentation is inadequate. So, I have tried DevExtreme, and managed to use it quickly and with much less effort.

Pavel Bortnovskiy Softwair Corp.

During my free-trial, DevExpress tech and customer support were superb. Not only did we like the DevExtreme product, as it matched and surpassed all of our needs and will allow us to create everything we set out to do, but also the promptness and expertise of your support were unparalleled. I am very happy to purchase your 12-month package and continue working with your product and your team. Thank you!

The DevExtreme Reactive Project

If you are using or plan to use Material-UI and Bootstrap libraries in your web app, take a moment to review our «Reactive» product line. DevExtreme Reactive is a distinct suite of Line-of-Business UI widgets created for those committed to Material-UI and Bootstrap.

Explore DevExtreme Reactive Read the Comparison Blogpost DevExtreme Reactive Sample Application