DevExtreme Vue - Create a DevExtreme Application

If you are starting a project from scratch, use the DevExtreme Vue Template. It is a simple application with a navigation menu and several sample views in a responsive layout (see live preview).

You can generate this application with the DevExtreme CLI:

// Generate a Vue 2 application
npx devextreme-cli new vue-app app-name

// Generate a Vue 3 application
npx devextreme-cli new vue-app app-name --version=3

cd app-name
npm run serve

The application already contains the DataGrid and Form components. You can find their configurations in the src\views\display-data.vue and src\views\profile.vue files correspondingly.

For further information about DevExtreme Vue components, refer to the following resources:

For more information about the structure and contents of the DevExtreme Vue Template, refer to the DevExtreme Application Template article.