Blazing Fast Client Side Data Processing

The Vue Pivot Grid ships with an optimized client side data engine which can process up to 1,000,000 records on the fly directly inside the browser.

Blazing Fast Client Side Data Processing

OLAP Support

The DevExpress Vue Pivot Grid supports OLAP services (MS SQL Server Analysis Services) and can therefore easily analyze millions of data rows within it.

OLAP Support


With a built-in Field Chooser and Excel-like filtering options, the Vue Pivot Grid allows end users to select the appropriate fields and analyze data relevant to their business requirements.


Data Sorting

The DevExtreme Vue Pivot Grid can sort both row and column values as needed.

Data Sorting

Data Visualization and Charting

By integrating the Vue Pivot Grid with DevExtreme’s Data Visualization components, you can create high-impact decision support systems that meet and exceed the needs of your most demanding users.

Data Visualization and Charting

Data Export

The DevExtreme Vue Pivot Grid allows you to export its contents to an Excel file with ease. Data types are retained — numbers remain numbers, dates remain dates. This allows users to work with the exported data inside Excel without any data transformation.

Data Export

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