jQuery Chart - commonAxisSettings.constantLineStyle.label

Configures constant line labels.

A constant line label displays the value of a constant line.

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The commonAxisSettings.constantLineStyle.label object, which is described here, specifies common settings for all constant line labels in the chart. To configure the labels of those constant lines that belong to a particular axis, use the following objects.

  • argumentAxis.constantLineStyle.label
  • valueAxis.constantLineStyle.label

To configure the labels of individual constant lines use the following objects.

  • argumentAxis.constantLines[].label
  • valueAxis.constantLines[].label

Individual settings override axis-specific settings which, in their turn, override common settings.


Specifies font properties for constant line labels.




Specifies the position of constant line labels on the chart plot.

Default Value: 'inside'

By default, constant line labels are displayed inside the chart plot near the constant lines they belong to. To place the labels outside the chart plot, set the position property to "outside".


Makes constant line labels visible.



Default Value: true