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The TabPanel UI component includes both the Tabs and MultiView components. The TabPanel automatically synchronizes the selected tab with the currently displayed view (and vice versa).

To get started with the DevExtreme TabPanel component, refer to the following step-by-step tutorial: Getting Started with TabPanel.

Generate Similar Tabs Based on a Data Source

To generate similar tabs and views, bind the TabPanel to data (using the items or dataSource property). Both these properties can work with local arrays, but dataSource also accepts a DataSource object. You can use this object if you need to process the local array or fetch the array from a remote data source. In this demo, the dataSource property is set to a local array.

Each object in the items[] or dataSource array can contain predefined fields, such as title or icon (see the items[] section for the full list). The TabPanel automatically recognizes these fields and creates the default tab and view appearance based on them.

Customize Tab Contents and Appearance

You can initialize tab contents (text, icons and badges) with values from underlying data objects.

Use the drop-down editors on the right to change tab position, styling mode, and icon position.

Backend API
<div class="tabpanel-demo"> <div class="widget-container"> <dx-tab-panel class="dx-theme-background-color" width="100%" [height]="418" [animationEnabled]="true" [swipeEnabled]="true" [dataSource]="dataSource" [tabsPosition]="tabsPosition" [stylingMode]="stylingMode" [iconPosition]="iconPosition" > <div *dxTemplate="let tabPanelItem of 'item'"> <div class="tabpanel-item"> <div *ngFor="let task of tabPanelItem.tasks" [class]="getTaskItemClasses(task.priority)" > <span class="task-item-text"> {{ task.text }} </span> <span class="task-item-info"> {{ }} by {{ task.assignedBy }} </span> <i class="task-item-pseudo-button dx-icon dx-icon-overflow"></i> </div> </div> </div> </dx-tab-panel> </div> <div class="options"> <div class="caption">Options</div> <div class="option"> <div class="option-label">Tab position</div> <dx-select-box [inputAttr]="{ 'aria-label': 'Tab position' }" [items]="tabsPositions" [(value)]="tabsPosition" ></dx-select-box> </div> <div class="option"> <div class="option-label">Styling mode</div> <dx-select-box [inputAttr]="{ 'aria-label': 'Styling mode' }" [items]="stylingModes" [(value)]="stylingMode" ></dx-select-box> </div> <div class="option"> <div class="option-label">Icon position</div> <dx-select-box [inputAttr]="{ 'aria-label': 'Icon positions' }" [items]="iconPositions" [(value)]="iconPosition" ></dx-select-box> </div> </div> </div>
import { NgModule, Component, enableProdMode } from '@angular/core'; import { BrowserModule, BrowserTransferStateModule } from '@angular/platform-browser'; import { platformBrowserDynamic } from '@angular/platform-browser-dynamic'; import { DxTabPanelModule, DxCheckBoxModule, DxSelectBoxModule, DxTemplateModule, } from 'devextreme-angular'; import { DxTabPanelTypes } from 'devextreme-angular/ui/tab-panel'; import { TabPanelItem, Service } from './app.service'; if (!/localhost/.test( { enableProdMode(); } declare var __moduleName: string; @Component({ selector: 'demo-app', templateUrl: 'app.component.html', styleUrls: ['app.component.css'], moduleId: __moduleName, providers: [Service], preserveWhitespaces: true, }) export class AppComponent { dataSource: TabPanelItem[]; tabsPositions: DxTabPanelTypes.Position[] = [ 'left', 'top', 'right', 'bottom', ]; tabsPosition: DxTabPanelTypes.Position = this.tabsPositions[0]; stylingModes: DxTabPanelTypes.TabsStyle[] = ['secondary', 'primary']; stylingMode: DxTabPanelTypes.TabsStyle = this.stylingModes[0]; iconPositions: DxTabPanelTypes.TabsIconPosition[] = [ 'top', 'start', 'end', 'bottom', ]; iconPosition: DxTabPanelTypes.TabsIconPosition = this.iconPositions[0]; constructor(service: Service) { this.dataSource = service.getItems(); } getTaskItemClasses(priority: string) { return `task-item task-item-priority-${priority}`; } } @NgModule({ imports: [ BrowserModule, BrowserTransferStateModule, DxTabPanelModule, DxCheckBoxModule, DxSelectBoxModule, DxTemplateModule, ], declarations: [AppComponent], bootstrap: [AppComponent], }) export class AppModule { } platformBrowserDynamic().bootstrapModule(AppModule);
::ng-deep .tabpanel-demo { display: flex; height: 100%; } ::ng-deep .widget-container { display: flex; justify-content: center; flex-grow: 1; min-width: 360px; padding: 16px 32px; } ::ng-deep .dx-theme-material .widget-container { background-color: rgba(191, 191, 191, 0.15); } ::ng-deep .dx-tabpanel-tabs-position-left .dx-tabpanel-container, ::ng-deep .dx-tabpanel-tabs-position-right .dx-tabpanel-container { width: 0; } ::ng-deep .dx-viewport:not(.dx-theme-generic) .dx-tabpanel { border-radius: 8px; overflow: clip; } ::ng-deep .dx-tabs-vertical { min-width: 120px; } ::ng-deep .options { display: inline-flex; flex-direction: column; flex-shrink: 0; box-sizing: border-box; width: 272px; padding: 20px; background-color: rgba(191, 191, 191, 0.15); } ::ng-deep .caption { font-weight: 500; font-size: 18px; } ::ng-deep .option { margin-top: 20px; } ::ng-deep .tabpanel-item { display: flex; flex-direction: column; gap: 12px; padding: 24px; } ::ng-deep .task-item { position: relative; display: flex; flex-direction: column; justify-content: center; width: 100%; height: 50px; padding: 8px 12px 8px 8px; border-radius: 4px; box-shadow: 0 1px 4px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.15); } ::ng-deep .task-item::before { content: ""; position: absolute; top: 8px; left: 6px; bottom: 8px; width: 3px; border-radius: 4px; } ::ng-deep .task-item-priority-high::before { background-color: #e1bee7; } ::ng-deep .task-item-priority-medium::before { background-color: #ffe0b2; } ::ng-deep .task-item-priority-low::before { background-color: #c8e6c9; } ::ng-deep .task-item-text, ::ng-deep .task-item-info { margin: 0; padding: 0 24px 0 16px; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap; } ::ng-deep .task-item-info { font-size: 12px; opacity: 0.6; } ::ng-deep .task-item-pseudo-button { position: absolute; right: 8px; top: 50%; font-size: 18px; transform: translateY(-50%); cursor: pointer; opacity: 0.6; } ::ng-deep .dx-color-scheme-contrast .task-item { border: 1px solid #fff; } ::ng-deep .dx-theme-fluent.dx-color-scheme-blue-dark .task-item { background-color: #1f1f1f; }
import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; export class Task { status: string; priority: string; text: string; date: string; assignedBy: string; } export class TabPanelItem { icon: string; title: string; tasks: Task[]; } const tasks: Task[] = [ { status: 'Not Started', priority: 'high', text: 'Revenue Projections', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'John Heart', }, { status: 'Not Started', priority: 'high', text: 'New Brochures', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Samantha Bright', }, { status: 'Not Started', priority: 'medium', text: 'Training', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Arthur Miller', }, { status: 'Not Started', priority: 'medium', text: 'NDA', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Robert Reagan', }, { status: 'Not Started', priority: 'low', text: 'Health Insurance', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Greta Sims', }, { status: 'Help Needed', priority: 'low', text: 'TV Recall', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Brett Wade', }, { status: 'Help Needed', priority: 'low', text: 'Recall and Refund Forms', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Sandra Johnson', }, { status: 'Help Needed', priority: 'high', text: 'Shippers', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Ed Holmes', }, { status: 'Help Needed', priority: 'medium', text: 'Hardware Upgrade', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Barb Banks', }, { status: 'In Progress', priority: 'medium', text: 'Online Sales', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Cindy Stanwick', }, { status: 'In Progress', priority: 'medium', text: 'New Website Design', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Sammy Hill', }, { status: 'In Progress', priority: 'low', text: 'Bandwidth Increase', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Davey Jones', }, { status: 'In Progress', priority: 'medium', text: 'Support', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Victor Norris', }, { status: 'In Progress', priority: 'low', text: 'Training Material', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'John Heart', }, { status: 'Deferred', priority: 'medium', text: 'New Database', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Samantha Bright', }, { status: 'Deferred', priority: 'high', text: 'Automation Server', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Arthur Miller', }, { status: 'Deferred', priority: 'medium', text: 'Retail Sales', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Robert Reagan', }, { status: 'Deferred', priority: 'medium', text: 'Shipping Labels', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Greta Sims', }, { status: 'Rejected', priority: 'high', text: 'Schedule Meeting with Sales Team', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Sandra Johnson', }, { status: 'Rejected', priority: 'medium', text: 'Confirm Availability for Sales Meeting', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Ed Holmes', }, { status: 'Rejected', priority: 'medium', text: 'Reschedule Sales Team Meeting', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Barb Banks', }, { status: 'Rejected', priority: 'high', text: 'Update Database with New Leads', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Kevin Carter', }, { status: 'Rejected', priority: 'low', text: 'Send Territory Sales Breakdown', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Cindy Stanwick', }, { status: 'Completed', priority: 'medium', text: 'Territory Sales Breakdown Report', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Sammy Hill', }, { status: 'Completed', priority: 'low', text: 'Return Merchandise Report', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Davey Jones', }, { status: 'Completed', priority: 'high', text: 'Staff Productivity Report', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Victor Norris', }, { status: 'Completed', priority: 'medium', text: 'Review HR Budget Company Wide', date: '2023/09/16', assignedBy: 'Mary Stern', }, ]; export const dataSource: TabPanelItem[] = [ { icon: 'description', title: 'Not Started', tasks: tasks.filter((item) => item.status === 'Not Started'), }, { icon: 'taskhelpneeded', title: 'Help Needed', tasks: tasks.filter((item) => item.status === 'Help Needed'), }, { icon: 'taskinprogress', title: 'In Progress', tasks: tasks.filter((item) => item.status === 'In Progress'), }, { icon: 'taskstop', title: 'Deferred', tasks: tasks.filter((item) => item.status === 'Deferred'), }, { icon: 'taskrejected', title: 'Rejected', tasks: tasks.filter((item) => item.status === 'Rejected'), }, { icon: 'taskcomplete', title: 'Completed', tasks: tasks.filter((item) => item.status === 'Completed'), }, ]; @Injectable() export class Service { getItems(): TabPanelItem[] { return dataSource; } }
// In real applications, you should not transpile code in the browser. // You can see how to create your own application with Angular and DevExtreme here: // window.exports = window.exports || {}; window.config = { transpiler: 'ts', typescriptOptions: { module: 'system', emitDecoratorMetadata: true, experimentalDecorators: true, }, meta: { 'typescript': { 'exports': 'ts', }, 'devextreme/time_zone_utils.js': { 'esModule': true, }, 'devextreme/localization.js': { 'esModule': true, }, 'devextreme/viz/palette.js': { 'esModule': true, }, }, paths: { 'npm:': '', }, map: { 'ts': 'npm:plugin-typescript@4.2.4/lib/plugin.js', 'typescript': 'npm:typescript@4.2.4/lib/typescript.js', '@angular/core': 'npm:@angular/core@12.2.17', '@angular/platform-browser': 'npm:@angular/platform-browser@12.2.17', '@angular/platform-browser-dynamic': 'npm:@angular/platform-browser-dynamic@12.2.17', '@angular/forms': 'npm:@angular/forms@12.2.17', '@angular/common': 'npm:@angular/common@12.2.17', '@angular/compiler': 'npm:@angular/compiler@12.2.17', 'tslib': 'npm:tslib@2.6.2/tslib.js', 'rxjs': 'npm:rxjs@7.5.3/dist/bundles/rxjs.umd.js', 'rxjs/operators': 'npm:rxjs@7.5.3/dist/cjs/operators/index.js', 'rrule': 'npm:rrule@2.6.4/dist/es5/rrule.js', 'luxon': 'npm:luxon@1.28.1/build/global/luxon.min.js', 'es6-object-assign': 'npm:es6-object-assign@1.1.0', 'devextreme': 'npm:devextreme@23.2.6/cjs', 'devextreme/bundles/dx.all': 'npm:devextreme@23.2.6/bundles/dx.all.js', 'jszip': 'npm:jszip@3.10.1/dist/jszip.min.js', 'devextreme-quill': 'npm:devextreme-quill@1.6.4/dist/dx-quill.min.js', 'devexpress-diagram': 'npm:devexpress-diagram@2.2.5', 'devexpress-gantt': 'npm:devexpress-gantt@4.1.54', 'devextreme-angular': 'npm:devextreme-angular@23.2.6', '@devextreme/runtime': 'npm:@devextreme/runtime@3.0.12', 'inferno': 'npm:inferno@7.4.11/dist/inferno.min.js', 'inferno-compat': 'npm:inferno-compat/dist/inferno-compat.min.js', 'inferno-create-element': 'npm:inferno-create-element@7.4.11/dist/inferno-create-element.min.js', 'inferno-dom': 'npm:inferno-dom/dist/inferno-dom.min.js', 'inferno-hydrate': 'npm:inferno-hydrate@7.4.11/dist/inferno-hydrate.min.js', 'inferno-clone-vnode': 'npm:inferno-clone-vnode/dist/inferno-clone-vnode.min.js', 'inferno-create-class': 'npm:inferno-create-class/dist/inferno-create-class.min.js', 'inferno-extras': 'npm:inferno-extras/dist/inferno-extras.min.js', // Prettier 'prettier/standalone': 'npm:prettier@2.8.4/standalone.js', 'prettier/parser-html': 'npm:prettier@2.8.4/parser-html.js', }, packages: { 'app': { main: './app.component.ts', defaultExtension: 'ts', }, 'devextreme': { defaultExtension: 'js', }, 'devextreme/events/utils': { main: 'index', }, 'devextreme/events': { main: 'index', }, 'es6-object-assign': { main: './index.js', defaultExtension: 'js', }, 'rxjs': { defaultExtension: 'js', }, 'rxjs/operators': { defaultExtension: 'js', }, }, packageConfigPaths: [ 'npm:@devextreme/*/package.json', 'npm:@devextreme/runtime@3.0.12/inferno/package.json', 'npm:@angular/*/package.json', 'npm:@angular/common@12.2.17/*/package.json', 'npm:rxjs@7.5.3/package.json', 'npm:rxjs@7.5.3/operators/package.json', 'npm:devextreme-angular@23.2.6/*/package.json', 'npm:devextreme-angular@23.2.6/ui/*/package.json', 'npm:devextreme-angular@23.2.6/package.json', 'npm:devexpress-diagram@2.2.5/package.json', 'npm:devexpress-gantt@4.1.54/package.json', ], }; System.config(window.config);
<!DOCTYPE html> <html xmlns=""> <head> <title>DevExtreme Demo</title> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0" /> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" /> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script src="config.js"></script> <script> System.import("app").catch(console.error.bind(console)); </script> </head> <body class="dx-viewport"> <div class="demo-container"> <demo-app>Loading...</demo-app> </div> </body> </html>