DevExtreme v23.1 is now available.

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Enterprise-Ready Vue UI Component Suite

Performance at its Best

Built and Optimized for Large Datasets

Our Vue UI Component Suite has been engineered to handle extremely large datasets in the most efficient manner possible. From built-in «virtual» scrolling support, to advanced lazy loading options, DevExtreme Vue components allow you to deliver high-impact web apps that meet and exceed the performance requirements of your enterprise.

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Push API for Real-Time UI Updates

DevExtreme Vue components were engineered with real-time data updates in mind. Our controls allow you to push updates via WebSockets in real time. Simply said, with our Vue UI components, you can display thousands of updates per second without noticeable performance impact.

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Server-Side Extensions for Your Backend

As you know, outstanding performance is only possible if client-server communications are highly optimized and finely-tuned. DevExtreme Vue Components ship with ‘smart’ server-side extensions for your ASP.Net Core, NodeJS or PHP backend. With our Vue components and server-side extensions, you can load, shape, and modify data in the most efficient manner possible.

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Quality You Can Trust

Compatible with Vuex

Vuex may be invaluable to those working on large-scale web applications. DevExtreme Vue components can expose the essential portion of their internal state and allow you to connect them to the Vuex state store.


Thanks to pixel-perfect appearance, built-in high-contrast themes, and keyboard navigation support, DevExtreme Vue Components comply with Section 508 requirements. WCAG 2.1 support is coming in the near future.

Ready to Use with TypeScript

DevExtreme Vue Components ship with a full set of TypeScript declarations so you can leverage the power of IntelliSense and compile-time type checking. TypeScript support makes our Vue UI Library the perfect choice for both small projects and large-scale enterprise-wide solutions.

Run-Time Vue Type Checks

Reduce errors within your code and decrease overall development/maintenance costs with Vue’s built-in Prop Validation run-time type-checking system. Each DevExtreme Vue component is distributed with comprehensive Vue Prop Validation declarations.

Localization & Globalization

Our components allow you to localize your Vue application, target multiple languages, and take your business apps global. Translate strings, set number, date and currency formats using Intl or Globalize libraries.

LOB-Oriented Vue Components

Pixel-Perfect Design

Elegant Bootstrap-Compatible Themes

DevExtreme Generic themes help you maintain consistency and deliver high-impact user experiences for your next your Vue project.

Material Design Themes

DevExtreme Material Design themes meet Google’s Material Design guidelines and allow you to deliver a modern look-n-feel to your web apps.

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Build Custom Themes with Ease

Promote your organization’s brand identity using our web and cli-based ThemeBuilder tools. Customize the appearance of your Vue app with absolute ease.

Web Tool CLI Tool

Simplicity & Flexibility

UI Customization via Vue Templates

With Vue Templates, you can replace key UI elements of our Vue components with your own custom HTML markup. This UI customization option allows you to build highly customized Vue applications that consistently meet and exceed end-user expectations.

Easy Configuration via Child Components

To address a wide range of use-case scenarios, we include a set of non-visual configuration components within our distribution. These components can be nested into our feature-rich container controls (such as DataGrid, Scheduler or Chart) for accurate and efficient data binding configuration.

Hit the Ground Running

350+ Online Demo

Learn the DevExtreme Vue UI product line in detail by exploring our Components Gallery. Master our components API and build your best without compromise.

CLI Tools & Application Templates

Create a new DevExtreme-powered Vue application in minutes using our CLI Tools. Choose a predefined application layout template and start your next high-impact web app.

Transparent Development & Open Communications

We are convinced, that openness and active community engagement are essential for building high quality products that address the needs of today’s business community. Last year our DevExtreme npm package was downloaded more than 4,5M times — Join us on GitHub and tell us how we can help you reach your business objectives.